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You Know Your Profile, Now What?

You Know Your Profile, Now What?

You know your beauty profile, now what?  Haven’t taken my LIFE™ Style profile quiz to gain an inside glimpse to your inner beauty? Then stop right now, go here and take the quiz.  It takes less than five minutes, is fun and you’ll learn about your particular style.

We all want a wardrobe that makes us feel like a million bucks! One that will take you from good to great; from okay to wow!  A wardrobe that feels natural, authentic and amazing! A wardrobe that is affordable and most importantly allows the process of choosing our clothes to be super-fast and easy!  Sound too good to be true?

It really is possible to make every morning a breeze! Each of us are wonderfully and uniquely created to succeed.  The more we understand ourselves and others the easier it can be!  When we understand, we can appreciate who we are from the inside out. Why we do what we do or think a certain way, or why we are innately drawn to particular style or colors.  With this understanding and knowledge we can create cohesiveness between our inner beauty and outer beauty.  Then our light shines to the world with ease and confidence.

Your profile is a unique combination of the four basic styles.  However you will predominantly lead your life with one.  Within each one of those styles, is a baseline.  A distinction of preferred patterns, textures, fabrics and colors and design. To learn more about each of the four styles, visit my previous blog post or visit my video channel here.

When the baseline is blended with your own personal coloring and body shape you can create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours.   Innately we are drawn to our particular baseline. But it’s more than just a like or dislike.   Knowledge and understanding of our inner beauty frees us from feeling different, inadequate or even confused about our choices.  For example, when the newest fashion trend is not working for us, instead of negative self –talk, we can learn to adapt it for our style.

So let’s talk about specifics when it comes to some of your clothing choices.  If your style is Laughter, it shouldn’t be any surprise that your style is fun and trendy!  Your baseline includes things like lighter weight fabrics, trendy styles, and sassy accessories like fun belts, bags and eye-popping items of the latest fashions. Tops with Crisp, rounded necklines, tapered or flared playful skirts, pants that are shapely and might even showcase the ankle.

When your style is Information your smooth lines and cohesiveness from head to toe you find in soft natural unstructured fabrics.  Elegant simplicity is found in design lines and may include pieces like form fitting dresses, soft draping blouses and pants that have a soft easy shape. Your classic natural, romantic look is pulled together with simple accessories such as single pendant or a simple cuff bracelet. Remember your focus is always on the comfort.

With Focus as your primary style, true to your direct and organized nature, your baseline includes fabrics that are structured.  Design lines that are angular add dimension.  Tops with V-neck or scoop or sweetheart necklines or empire waist tops work best.  A-line or pencil skirts, bottoms that are boot cut, straight fit.  Accessories are your statement pieces, including necklaces, cuff bracelets, or oversized rings.

Lastly, if your style is Excellence your baseline is typically tailored, symmetrical design lines true to your inner beauty.  Rarely will you have much patterned fabric.  Occasionally you like an exaggerated print or a geometric shape, but still always impeccably tailored.  Simple tops, Pencil skirts and pants hitting just on the shoe all with a perfect fit.  Carefully selected simple accessories like pearls, pendants or simple stud earrings, usually narrow belts.

When you use your beauty profile you have a new vantage in which to discover your personal style.  Using this guide as your starting point, you honor your unique inner beauty and will be AMAZING!!  Choosing not only the right color palette, but the right cut and design lines, styles and fabrics that work for you, you can begin your day with ease and grace loving who you are. Getting dressed is no longer the frustration it once was.

As a bonus, it becomes much easier to part with some of the “maybe” items hiding in your closet! If you haven’t organized your closet, watch my episode here, called Start Your New Year With Confidence.  And as always, I would love to help.

My goal is to have you loving yourself both inside and out. It doesn’t matter what size or age you are, once you know your style and have your closet organized, you’ll already feel more confident!  Be intentional about your choices because you deserve to live life confident!  If you have questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me at