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Welcome to LIFE

Welcome to LIFE

Do you find yourself struggling with confidence? Or maybe it’s just a new season of life and you find yourself standing in front of your full closet thinking “I don’t have anything to wear!”

Often there were times when I would go to my closet, struggling with what to choose, which would quickly make me begin to feel overwhelmed, discouraged or both!  But What I discovered was that it had little to do with me and my mood and more about the fact that I had never taken time to clearly define some basics.  As a result I felt that frustration wondering what I was thinking when I bought some of those items!

The first step to putting an end to that dilemma is discovering your innate energy and learning your personal profile.  It can change those difficult decisions into ones made with ease and confidence.  We can get stuck when we remain in our comfort zone even when it’s actually uncomfortable. If we want decisions to be without frustration or discouragement, we must willing to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, to a learning zone.  The knowledge you gain about yourself allows you to discover your inner beauty.  You can learn to shop with ease, build your personal wardrobe and grow your confidence, learning your personal profile can do all that!  Not only will you enhance your total image, when you understand the four basic types and how you are uniquely, it will allow you to increase your personal effectiveness with confidence.  To share your gifts, enrich your relationships and potentially lead you to a life of passion and fulfillment.

Have you ever wondered why some people can do things with such ease and grace?  You might be surprised to know that it may actually be part of their DNA.  Generally there are four basic styles in this world we call life and we each possess all four in our own unique way.  You will predominantly lead your life with one, and sometimes a secondary.  This is naturally expressed in your thoughts, feelings, and your behaviors, and your overall energy. That innate energy is how you move and respond through life.  This is your total image. This what you convey to the world. We encounter all these styles in the path of our L-I-F-E.

I hope you will watch my video series, as I share with you a little snapshot from each style of LIFE.    If you would like more information, or a personal consultation, feel free to contact me at uniquely your  Remember the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.