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LIFE – The Style of Focus

LIFE - The Style of Focus

We all express ourselves in our own unique way based on our LIFE™ style energy.   Are you someone who easily and quickly makes decisions?  Are you able to push projects through to the end result? If so, your inner beauty may be the style of focus!

Each LIFE™ Style Energy has distinction in both inner and outer beauty. While we are each a unique blend, our dominate natural style will express itself in our everyday life.  It’s this unique style that make us who we are.

The “F” represents the style of Focus.  How that might show up in your life is through your determined and confident nature.  You have the ability to quickly access a situation and move into action creating practical results.  While pertinent information is important, you tend to be much more direct in your communication and approach with the highest priority always on results. This directness and dominant nature can appear as insensitivity, demanding or blunt to others when you are unaware.

As someone who enjoys results you might find yourself attracted to lots of do-it-yourself projects, and because you are confident you can complete them, you not only enjoy those challenges you excel at many.

Making to-do lists helps you compartmentalize and stay focused, but when you have done something that wasn’t on your list, you’ll want to add it, just for the satisfaction of crossing it of the list!   You have the ability to start multiple tasks, and move them all forward quickly and simultaneously.  Yet you can abruptly change directions.   This direct, decisive innate style will push you to be a high achiever and often finding it difficult to be still.

When you know and understand your innate style you can learn to enhance your total image, enrich relationships and improve your personal effectiveness towards any goal.  If you have questions, or you’re ready to get started with the next step, then you owe it to yourself to contact me at uniquely your

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