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LIFE – The Style of Excellence

LIFE - The Style of Excellence

Our expression to the world is unique to us. It’s reflected in many ways as we move through life.  Even when we aren’t aware of it.  People whose natural style is Excellence have a sense of ownership and pride in everything they do.  Does this sound like it could be you?

Has anyone ever said to you, “There’s no pleasing you, it’s never good enough.”  If you’ve heard that, it could be because you tend to be critical without realizing it.  The E in our LIFE™ Style Profile represents the Style of Excellence.  These individuals thrive with their gift to be analytical and seeing everything that can be improved.  They are cautious, competent and compliant.  However, because of their analytical mind they can come across as critical or even crabby. They expect excellence in everything; themselves, those around them, everything they do and in everyone they know. Which explains why others around them might begin to feel like they just they can’t measure up.  They easily can become a perfectionist.

The people whose natural style is excellence bring to the world solutions and a sense of improvement through their critical eye. They don’t mean to be critical, rather with their keen eye it’s a natural thought for them because of their desire to help others.  It’s through that critical eye that they see the bigger picture. What a gift!  Their mantra usually sounds something like this: “a job worth doing, is worth doing right.” Many things are black or white for them.  They tend to love research, development, thoroughness, details and completing tasks with a keen sense of awareness.  They have difficulty acting in blind faith, preferring to focus on potential solutions.  They don’t like quick costly decisions and therefore can be picky and precise.

People with the style of excellence thrive in very organized, structured and consistent environment.  Does this sound like you?  Remember, we are not solely one style.  In fact it’s our unique DNA that determines our LIFE ™Style Profile.  Understanding our uniqueness is key to living confidently.   You can find more information here on my blog or view my video episodes here.