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LIFE – The Style of Information

LIFE - The Style of Information

We are all unique and created to succeed in life.  The more we understand about ourselves the more confident we can be. In this world we call LIFE™ each of us moves in way that is natural to us.

As we continue this mini-series of LIFE™ Style Profile.   There are four distinct styles and while we find similarities with others, it’s our unique blend of these that make us who we are.

The “I” in LIFE represents the Style of Information.  Information is your gift and it shows up in many areas of your daily experience. When your inner beauty is the style of information, you have the ability to easily pull it all together, whether you are creating plans, systems or connecting people, places or events, information becomes the basis for your confidence.

Your friends and co-workers probably know you for your consistent steadiness. Family members probably call you the glue that holds them together. You can become so comfortable that you may find yourself resistant to change. Because of your strong desire for information, you don’t make decisions quickly, rather you pride yourself on making knowledgeable and informed decisions.    As a result of your desire to keep priorities in order, you may prefer to proceed methodically with projects. Working slowly, diligently, and thorough to a logical conclusion.

You will find that you are most comfortable in relaxed environment, or smaller social settings of family and friends. Your friends and family might lovingly refer to you as a ‘gentle spirit.’  It’s this gentle, kind, compassionate nature that makes you great listener.  These characteristics coupled with your knack for gathering the necessary details makes you a master collaborator.  Your gift of sensitivity allows you to bring peace and harmony to any project or setting, while nurturing relationships.  You value integrity, loyalty and you can be a natural romantic.

Do any of these descriptions sound like you? Or perhaps someone you know came to mind?  Among the benefits of understanding our uniqueness,  is the confidence it builds and assurance we feel when we’re developing our own personal style.   If you‘re interested in learning more, looking for a speaker or ready to take the next step and apply this to your personal style, contact me at using my email.