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LIFE- The Style of Laughter

LIFE- The Style of Laughter

You know that a picture is worth 1000 words, so what makes you so unique?  Do you know that you are wonderfully and naturally made to succeed in life?   Understanding ourselves not only helps us identify our uniqueness, it helps us let our natural energy glow through our total image.

As I mentioned earlier, we are all unique, while we find similarities with others, it’s our unique blend of the four basic styles that makes us who we are.  I use an acronym, the word “LIFE” to describe the four basic styles.  Let’s take a look at the first.

The “L” represents the Style of Laughter. If this is your primary type, you are an inspiring, influencing, and very interactive individual.  You have a love for life and people! You are probably known for your animated story telling and may be described as the life of the party in social settings.   Being friendly and very outgoing, you meet people easily and are generally comfortable around them.  While you enjoy a very active schedule, it can change in an instant because of your spontaneity. As a result, others may see that as ‘flighty’ or indecisive.

However, you love collaboration and making it fun is your top priority!   While you have a desire to be free from details, your gift is in the ideas and inspiration.  You may have an attraction to animated objects or designs because of your whimsical style.   You might even find yourself drawn to bright colors that match your bubbly energy.

Most often you’re motivated by recognition and approval.  You are always looking for opportunities to help others and your optimism can be contagious.  Does this sound like you?  If so then your primary style may be Laughter.

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