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Be Inspired to Create a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Be Inspired to Create a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Be Inspired and Create Your Spring Capsule

Spring is my favorite time of the year!  A time of new growth, new color and after winter, I am so ready for the fresh air!  So why not breathe fresh air into our wardrobe too!  I want to share with you just how simple it can be!

Now is the time of year when we switch out our winter clothes for our spring and summer.  When you look into your closet, do you feel relaxed and confident ready for the new season?  Does it feel fresh and invigorating? How about when you put those pieces of clothing on- Do they make you feel fabulous?  No? Well, let’s turn that around for you right now!

A capsule wardrobe is the fastest way to turn that around without spending a fortune! If you’re like me, you want to stretch your dollars.  This simple concept has been around since the 70’s.  Starting with a few essential clothing pieces, simply augment these with seasonal pieces, accessories and shoes.  Now you have created your very own capsule wardrobe.  I love capsule wardrobes because they represent more energy and time for what really matters and we can have a fresh look for a fraction of the cost!

Now is a perfect time for a fresh new look!  It’s time to avoid feeling frustrated or depressed about your clothing.  We can stop spending money on emotional purchases.  You know the ones… the clothes that end up in a donation pile shortly after they are purchased. The ones that looked great on the hanger or our girlfriend – not so much on us.  Or the orphans, those emotional or impulse purchases that match nothing we own.  It’s time to discover your LIFE style. If you haven’t taken my quiz it’s a great place to start by helping you define your innate energy. It’s time to be intentional about your buying choices. Hopefully you’ve already been through your closet, create a donate pile for what is not working!  Use these three easy three easy steps to create your very own spring capsule wardrobe.

First, look in your closet and choose your favorite basic pieces. You will want to choose two neutral color pieces.  These will be your base.  For example, a top, a pair of pants or two, a jacket and skirt or dress.

Next, evaluate those pieces. Describe what do they have in common? Are they versatile, or interchangeable with each other?  Chances are you will find they have a common color or style. Notice all the details about these pieces, color, fabric, the texture, and style. Whatever it is, define it. It might even help to lay them out and take a picture.  Now, you have your basic pieces you will be building on.

Now with this starting point, the last step is to start building your capsule wardrobe one piece at a time! Look for things that will work together with all the pieces. Remember versatility.  By adding colorful spring tops, a jacket, shoes, or other accessories, how many outfits can you make by mixing and matching? Use your imagination, and don’t forget the details like accessories and shoes! The right shoe makes a dramatic difference!

Take a look at my example here.  In my illustration, I’ve added spring tops and some fun accessories to my basic black pants, jeans and black skirt. Changing it up with shoes and just a few accessories, I have now created a capsule with more than 20 different outfits!  Remember the details, the smallest change can make a huge difference.  Use the colors of spring to confidently give new life to your wardrobe and have fun!  If this is overwhelming, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help you with a closet assessment and capsule creation with you. Also, be sure to take my quiz here, to discover your personal style.  Learning more about yourself and your innate energy is the perfect start to creating a wardrobe you’ll love!